Interior Photography

Interior Photography SHANNON (QUESTION):  Hi rockstar!  I recently accepted a job doing interior photography.  I will be photographing kitchens for a local cabinet maker.  As I mainly photograph people (and mostly outdoors), I wanted to see if you have any tips for interior photography.  I will probably be using my 17-55mm 2.8 lens as my other lenses […]

Upgrading your Camera

Upgrading Your Camera JOHNNY (QUESTION): Alright, question time. If I were going to start saving for a new camera that would be more on the professional end, what would you recommend for upgrading your camera? PHILLIP VAN NOSTRAND (RESPONSE): What do you have now? JOHNNY (RESPONSE): Nikon D80. I was thinking about switching to Canon. I know the […]

9 Tips For Being the BEST Second Photographer

How to be the best Second Photographer Katie (QUESTION): Phil, I have my first second photographer job at a Santa Barbara Courthouse wedding this Friday! Have any advice on being a top notch 2nd shooter? Phillip Van Nostrand (ANSWER): AWESOME! Yes I do have some tips: 1) Remind them to sync camera times with you at the […]