How to Make Money Taking Pictures – Best Camera Accessories

Best Camera Accessories

What is the first photography accessory would you recommend getting, besides a camera?

I think a good solid flash is the best accessory to your camera. By using a flash, you open yourself up to a whole other world of photography, and you can start doing event photography, playing with bouncing light,  interior photography, etc.
(Best flash recommendation is the Yongnuo flash, reviewed by me here)

Best Camera Accessories

One of my first favorite accessories that wasn’t too expensive was a remote for my camera. They are about 20 dollars, and can be used instead of the self-timer. You can use it for night photography and do super long exposures of the stars. (Find them on Amazon here. Please note, this remote is for the Canon Rebel series.)

Best Camera AccessoriesWhat is YOUR favorite accessory? Leave a comment below! I read everything, and I respond to all questions!Camera Accessories

$$$ TIP:

There are great 3rd party brands that exist out in the world (like Sigma and Tamron and Yongnuo) and many professionals use these brands on a daily basis. Just because it doesn’t have a Canon logo or Nikon logo on it doesn’t mean it’s not good. You can save yourself 100s if not 1000s of dollars if you do a little research and find what people are using that is working for them.

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