Flashes and Lenses- How to Make Money Taking Pictures

Flashes and Lenses

Any advice on getting flashes and lenses for my Nikon? I have a couple Tamron lenses but I’m not sure they are doing the job my camera could do. It probably has to do with me not knowing how to shoot very well also, but I’ve heard Nikon is known for great lenses.

The cheapest camera flashes you could get are called Yongnuo. They are off brand flashes and they are manual only, but it beats paying 600 dollars for a Nikon or Canon camera flash when you can pay $65. One flash works on both Canon and Nikon.
Yongnuo flash for Canon or NikonCamera Flashes and lenses
The best starter lens for Canon or Nikon would be a 50mm 1.8. Here’s a review: http://www.kenrockwell.com/nikon/10-best.htm
It only costs around 125, which is fantastic for a decent lens! Careful, you’re getting into an expensive hobby.
50mm 1.8 for Canon 50mm 1.8 for Nikonflashes and lensesWhat do YOU think?


$$$ Tip

These are great pieces of equipment to start with. I would highly recommend only upgrading your equipment when you recognize and understand the limits of your current setup. If you realize that you need more ISO to shoot those moody low light settings, that’s when you should be upgrading your camera to a more pro model, not before. Also if you are investing money in camera equipment, spend it on lenses not camera bodies. A great lens makes all the difference in a quality photo, not the camera.

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