How to Live an Epic Freelance Life in the Time of Covid-19

At the end of April I wrote a piece for This article chronicled everything I had done during quarantine up to that point, including bringing in over $15,000 in income, being interviewed on three podcasts, and calling over 100 people. My hope it that this inspires you to continue on your freelance journey and […]

Deciding Where to Live as a Photographer

Morey (QUESTION): I’m thinking of moving back to Santa Barbara from Los Angeles because I’m not sure if fashion photography is for me and I want to live a more balanced life outside of Los Angeles, but on the flip side I’m not sure if I’m just giving up on my “dream” by moving back to my college town. I […]

Printing Large Photos

Printing Large Photos JOE (QUESTION): How do I go about printing large photos to sell? What resolution do you recommend printing the photographs in and do I have to worry about delivery options? PHILLIP VAN NOSTRAND (ANSWER): For printing large photos, you’d have to sign up for services such as Pixieset (which costs around $10-40/month) or something […]

How I Shot the Cover of Rolling Stone: Year Three

To read about this journey from the beginning, start here. [Note: I have not yet photographed the cover of Rolling Stone! But by the time this blog series is finished, I will have photographed the cover] Year three was the year I finally moved to Manhattan. I moved from my apartment with three roommates in Brooklyn to […]