Installing Presets in Lightroom 5

Installing Presets in Lightroom 5 Mayra (QUESTION): [A photographer] gave me his presets but I don’t know how to install presets. Phillip Van Nostrand (ANSWER): I can tell you how to install presets: 1) Click on Lightroom>Preferences>Presets 2) In the middle of the screen it should say “Show Lightroom Presets Folder.” Click on that. Phillip Van Nostrand […]

Two ways to charge for your services

Terra (QUESTION): Can we discuss a price list and what I should charge for services like family sessions, family parties, individual portraits, and a friend’s underground band wants me to do a shoot for them as well? Phillip Van Nostrand (ANSWER): For all of those things, you have two options: one is easier to do and the […]

The Biggest Photography Mistakes You Can Make

Lauren (QUESTION): What are some of the biggest photography mistakes you see photographers making, both business-wise and skill-wise? Phillip Van Nostrand (ANSWER): I think a big waste of time that I see people doing is playing around with edits a lot, trying vignetting, or vintage edits, playing with contrast, etc. I kinda wish someone had told me to […]

Wedding Vendor Relationships

Wedding Vendor Relationships DENISE (QUESTIONS): Do you provide all your vendors with images? Do they refer you out? PHILLIP VAN NOSTRAND (ANSWER): I do usually provide my vendors with images, but in the past my main source of referrals has been from brides and grooms (and sometimes their mothers). I think this is due to my personality type and […]

Interior Photography

Interior Photography SHANNON (QUESTION):  Hi rockstar!  I recently accepted a job doing interior photography.  I will be photographing kitchens for a local cabinet maker.  As I mainly photograph people (and mostly outdoors), I wanted to see if you have any tips for interior photography.  I will probably be using my 17-55mm 2.8 lens as my other lenses […]