Upgrading your Camera

Upgrading Your Camera

JOHNNY (QUESTION): Alright, question time. If I were going to start saving for a new camera that would be more on the professional end, what would you recommend for upgrading your camera?

What do you have now?

Nikon D80. I was thinking about switching to Canon. I know the lenses are super important so I don’t know if I should just invest in those instead.


Canon lenses will be a bit cheaper, with more options. I started using Canon because I knew most of my friends did, and I’d have more support. In terms of upgrading your camera, your best professional starting Canon would be a 5D mark III, selling for around 2000 on Craigslist, which is where I buy 100 percent of my camera gear, including my last three computers. If you stick with Nikon I believe the D4 would be the best entry level pro camera. Basically anything with a full frame sensor is what you want. Better for ISO and quality. [EDIT: My friend Courtney Cook from Courtney Cook Photography told me this: “He could start out with a used Nikon 700 for much less than $2000 and invest in some better glass as well.” Thank you for the Nikon advice Courtney!!]

upgrading your camera

$$$ Tip:

If you are thinking of  upgrading your camera, I would use the same advice my mother told me about buying cars: Never buy a new car from the dealership– it will lose value the moment you drive it off the lot. Get something a year or two old, in great condition.

The same thing applies to your camera bodies. You COULD buy the latest Canon 5DS R for $3700, or you could buy a 5D Mark III used for under $2k right now on Craigslist or $2.5k on Amazon (http://amzn.to/2aT5Tsx)

Save your money and spend it on what’s important: proper marketing, conferences/workshops, good design, and some great consulting. Save yourself years of figuring things out and learn from the best! Buy a ticket to WPPI. Email me 🙂

upgrading your camera

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