Are you going to WPPI?

I’ll be speaking there in a week and a half!

If you haven’t signed up for WPPI I can get you a 15% DISCOUNT ON THE PLATFORM or ALL ACCESS PASS.

If you are signed up already and want to add one more class to your schedule, come see me speak on Thursday at 3:30pm. “Passive Income 101: How to Earn Your First 1k on the Side.”

The class is only $50 and it’s a guarantee you will learn things that will earn you $1000+ monthly if you are willing to take the leap!

I will be sharing his best secrets on how I’ve EARNED OVER $2,000 IN PASSIVE INCOME EVERY MONTH for the past 2 years. My business partner Katie and I will be sharing how we started La Rousse and how you can do something similar as well. You will come away with at least 3 new money making ideas, and some awesome new friends!

CLICK HERE to sign up for the class!

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