Multiple Exposure 5D Mark III

Shooting Multiple Exposure on the 5D Mark III

JESSE (QUESTION): How do you shoot multiple exposure on the Canon 5D Mark III?


1) On a Canon 5D Mark III,  press the button on the left with square and a paintbrush inside it, go to Multiple Exposure Mode, set it to On: ContShtng, which allows you to do a few attempts in a row.

2) There is another setting called “Multi-expos ctrl” and you can choose between Additive, Average, Bright, or Dark. The one that worked great for me was “Bright.”

You can set the number for exposures to blend, but 2 works best probably for doing silhouettes of people. Then your camera is ready to take two pictures in a row and blend them.

3) Set your camera to Live View Mode! This way you can see exactly what will fill in the silhouette and you don’t have to guess at it.

3) You HAVE TO shoot a profile of a person against a white background or sky

4) Then the next photo should be darker and will fill in only the dark parts of the photo (the person) so they look like a shadow with trees inside, or ocean, etc.

That’s it! Let me know if you were able to pull off Multiple Exposure with the 5D Mark III

Multiple Exposure

$$$ Tip:

Don’t buy a $3000 camera just because it can do a cheap trick like Multiple Exposure or HDR in-camera. Buy a camera because you are feeling the limits of your current camera. Upgrade your lens because you know why your current lens isn’t quite enough.

These are just tools to help you achieve your job that you are paid to do in the best way possible. So if you already have the Canon 5D Mark III (or IV now), have fun with this little trick.

Otherwise stick with what.

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