Installing Presets in Lightroom 5

Installing Presets in Lightroom 5

Mayra (QUESTION): [A photographer] gave me his presets but I don’t know how to install presets.

Phillip Van Nostrand (ANSWER):
I can tell you how to install presets:

1) Click on Lightroom>Preferences>Presets

2) In the middle of the screen it should say “Show Lightroom Presets Folder.” Click on that.

Phillip Van Nostrand (ANSWER): Did you do that? What do you see?

Mayra (QUESTION): Ok, now there is a folder that came up. It has a bunch of other folders in it.

Phillip Van Nostrand (ANSWER): Are the presets you are trying to install all in one folder? Open up the folder called “Lightroom Settings” and then put your presets into the folder called “Develop Presets.”  You can do this with individual presets or with a folder of presets.

Now you just need to reset Lightroom and you should be good to go!


$$$ TIP:

Learn how to use Lightroom efficiently and effectively! Time is money, and the less time you spend messing around in Lightroom is the more time you have for freedom. There are tons of great tutorials online as well as mentors willing to help teach you everything they know. If you are new to Lightroom I would highly recommend sitting down with someone more familiar with it and have them walk you through some of the basics and more in an hour or so. The key is to always work smarter, not harder. Then your time for dollars is worth it!

Also, one day you can make and sell your own presets. If you think you’ve got a bundle of edited presets that others might like, there is a whole industry around selling presets. It’s an evergreen product, meaning it will continue to make you money over and over again.

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