How to Make Money Taking Pictures- Editing in Lightroom

Editing in Lightroom RYAN (QUESTION): Hi Phil, what program(s) do you use for editing your photos? I’ve been using Lightroom, but I wanted to see if there is anything else that you recommended. PHILLIP VAN NOSTRAND (ANSWER): Lightroom is hands down the best solution for wedding, portrait, and event photographers. In Lightroom you are able […]

How to Make Money Taking Pictures- Q&A with Bryce

Starting Wedding Photography Bryce (QUESTION): Hi Phil, I was wondering how you originally got into wedding photography? Phillip Van Nostrand (ANSWER): Great question. Basically I did one wedding as a favor to a friend for 500 dollars and I was hooked from that moment on. [editor’s note: After that we met at a coffee shop […]

Great Free Editing Applications (and what the Professionals Use) – How to Make Money Taking Pictures

Damaris (QUESTION): Do you know of any editing apps? Either free or that you have to buy? Phillip (ANSWER):  Yes, look up Picasa, it’s great. This is Google’s free photo organizing and editing system. Once you download the application to your computer, it will automatically scan your entire computer for photos and make them easily […]

Canon 50mm 1.2 versus 1.4 – How to Make Money Taking Pictures

Canon 50mm 1.2 versus 1.4 SAMUEL (QUESTION): What do you think of the Canon 50mm 1.2L? PHILLIP VAN NOSTRAND (ANSWER): Samuel, that is a fantastic lens. It’s an L series lens, which means it is durable, weather resistant (don’t be afraid of some rain!), and has higher quality glass than other lenses. BUT! Ken Rockwell has an interesting […]

Buying a camera – How to Make Money Taking Pictures

Buying a Camera DAMARIS (QUESTION): I’m really into photography and want to get into the field of photography and become a photographer one day. I was hoping you could tell me about a great camera I can purchase. I feel that I’m ready to actually hold a camera of mine and get out there and make […]